We transform your ideas to amazing product!

From initial discovery and design to development and user acceptance testing, we provide end-to-end development services and consulting. Our expert team of developers, technologists, and strategists guide your idea from the fundamental scope to an effective deployment and launch

Web Development

We are masters of web development using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. We design web experiences "mobile first" because we understand most web traffic today comes from a mobile device. You'll be amazed at what mobile web can do!

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UI/UX Web and Mobile Design

We provide a full range of print and digital design services, as well as branding and corporate identity creation. Our team of designers have over 10 years experience working across the full spectrum of advertising and marketing design for both print and digital content, as well as a wealth of experience for brand creation, corporate identity creation and logo design.

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Mobile App Development

Our team began building native mobile apps in 2009 and have extensive experience with Native and Hybrid iOS, Android app development. We working closely with our clients from the first step and understand that UI/UX is the first thing when it comes to mobile app development.

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Software for POS systems

We provide complex software solutions for self-service POS systems and terminals, usually called as information kiosks with specific functionality which enables the user to perform certain transactions independently. The main advantage is that these devices offer cash- or cashless payment functionality.

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Our results:

142 mobile apps

Native (iOS, Android), React Native

247 web projects

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Angular, Vue.js, React.js, Wordpress, Java (Hybris)

27VR/AR projects

Mostly iOS/Android applications for retail industry

204 Happy clients

*they are awesome by the way!

Our Work

  • Team

    The best and the brightest

    Our culture is one of our unique value propositions and we can do amazing things because of it. We are passionate about technology and working together to achieve something great. Our sales office is located in London, R&D office is located in Ukraine and across Europe which is comfortable for our clients who are from Europe. We believe the process of building great software can be as rewarding as the final product and we pour our passion into every step of the process. Our team has worked with diffenet largest telecommunications companies, real estate companies and startups from the United Kingdom, Canada and the U.S.

  • Our Skills

    We are making bright products, not just coding them

    We prefer working with people who are able to solve problems, not to repeat the same solutions again and again from one project to another. As a simple and fast task to review our developer we use a classic problem of sorting an array of integers. We give a candidate a piece of paper and a pen. Many people guess it foolish to write the code on a sheet at the interview but it's actually not. Looking at the written solution we can understand a lot than after a thorough code review. It is not required to write the most effective algorithm and he is given not more than 15 minutes.

  • How we work

    We are a team of Agile-evangelists who believe in transparency

    We use Scrum approach during the development process which helps us clearly understand where we are. On another hand, our client who is actually is a Product Owner is the main person who can manage his budget, list of features and vision of his product right away! Our engineers are deeply involved in the concept and take part in all the Scrum-events, teach each other but sometimes hate the Retrospectives:)

Our lovely clients

"Collaborating with guys from Navi Software on the development of our VR mobile app has been a great experience. Their dedication has resulted a fantastic end result on time and on budget."

Mark Holland Marketing Director
Sync Iterative

"Navi Software created an app for our grocery stores in Berlin and Munich that provided our attendees with a tremendous amount of pertinent information in a streamlined and user-friendly manner, enhancing their on-site experience"

Niklas Köhler CEO

Building dedicated teams for tech businesses

With Navi Software, you can get your dedicated software development team. Drawing inspiration from your business vision and mission, our recruiters do their magic to bring the best candidates to your team. To make a perfect match between the developers and your needs, we encourage you to join the whole recruitment process and approve each candidate! You will have the same transparent collaboration with a dedicated development team just as you have with your own in-house team. All required communication channels and productivity tools are always there to assist in fine-tuning the development process.