Our Team

High-skilled developers who enage in programming but not only in 1 specific language

Our culture is one of our unique value propositions and we can do amazing things because of it. We are passionate about technology and working together to achieve something great. Our sales office is located in London, R&D office is located in Ukraine and across Europe which is comfortable for our clients who are from Europe. We believe the process of building great software can be as rewarding as the final product and we pour our passion into every step of the process. Our team has worked with diffenet largest telecommunications companies, real estate companies and startups from the United Kingdom, Canada and the U.S.


Our Skills

We are making bright products, not just coding them

We prefer working with people who are able to solve problems, not to repeat the same solutions again and again from one project to another. As a simple and fast task to review our developer we use a classic problem of sorting an array of integers. We give a candidate a piece of paper and a pen. Many people guess it foolish to write the code on a sheet at the interview but it's actually not. Looking at the written solution we can understand a lot than after a thorough code review. It is not required to write the most effective algorithm and he is given not more than 15 minutes.

Software development changes faster than any other industry and staying on top of emerging tools, frameworks and methodologies is essential in delivering great products. We use our own libraries, frameworks and approaches we've been creating for years and even share them with the industry. It helps us to deeply understand the industry (Mobile apps development, VR/AR development, whatever) and make sure that we are at the top of the list!


How we work

We are a team of Agile-evangelists who believe in transparency

We use Scrum approach during the development process which helps us clearly understand where we are. On another hand, our client who is actually is a Product Owner is the main person who can manage his budget, list of features and vision of his product right away! Our engineers are deeply involved in the concept and take part in all the Scrum-events, teach each other but sometimes hate the Retrospectives:)

We use tools like JIRa and Slack for project management and client communication. If you want to be in control of everything and to manage the work on your project yourself, this is the best option. We form a team of the most professional specialists and they start working on the project after your approval. The development goes on according to Agile practices and the developers concentrate on your project only. By combining these processes, skills and tools we have built a great reputation of delivering incredible software and thrilling our clients